STRONG WOMEN (1985-1991)

"In Christine Kowal Post's sculptures we are confronted by an upside-down world where preconceived patriarchal attitudes and expectations, traditional role assignments and even biological interpretations of the female no longer have any place. Hers are altogether 'tough and strong' women, determined, fearless, self- confident and in a wonderful way cunning, without however abandoning their intrinsic femininity and their function as women."
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Skipping Eve 1989. Oil on Limewood H. 2.37m Leda and the Swan with Attendant Putti (Installation) 1990 Oil on Limewood H. of Leda 1.83m 'Strong Woman' 1990 Oil on Aspen. Height 71 cm 'It's great to be a Woman' 1986 Oil on Limewood. Height 191 cm 'Angry Putto Attempts to Veil a Reclining Nude' 1989 Horizontal length of reclining nude 89 cm 'Eggs' 1989 Oil on Limewood. Height 244 cm

Detail of 'Eggs' 1989 Oil on Limewood. 'Votive Females' 1991 Oil on Limewood. Height 254 cm Detail of 'Votive Females' 1991 Oil on Limewood. 'Two Female Figures' 1990 Oil on Limewood. Height 180 cm 'Bowl 3' 1989 Oil on Limewood. Height 122 cm Detail of 'Woman and Her Fetish' 1985 Oil on Pine. Height 142 cm

'Biological Piece' 1988 Oil on Limewood. Height 3.64m 'Throne' 1989 Oil colour on poplar. Height 2.44 m

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